Course Schedule 2019

Our 2019 course schedule is listed below. Click on a date to view a course overview. If you would like to find out more about any of our Course Tutors, please visit our Course Tutors page. For further practical course details and prices, please visit our Art Courses Overview page.

Feb 23rd - 26th Liz Seward

Explore exciting ways of combining the water-based (Watercolour and Acrylic) media with drawing media on paper., canvas and textured surfaces.  This is a studio based course using the grounds of the hall, the village of Dedham and the River Stour as our inspiration.  Some painting experience is required and an open mind is essential.

Feb 27th - Mar 2nd Soraya French

Mixed Media Workshop - covering a broad range of media and subject matter with emphasis on exciting texture effects

March 5th - 8th Jane Evans

Chinese Brush Painting

March 9th - 12th John Tookey

Improve your pastel techniques.  This course is designed for those with some experience of Pastel Painting.We will be working in the grounds or along the river in Dedham and if the weather allows possibly out on location. There will be demonstrations in pure pastel, plus the use of a water- based under-painting onto mount-board with pastel overlay. Individual tuition will be given throughout the course. 

March 16th - 23rd Roger Dellar

Painting in oils - working in the studio from Portrait, the Figure and Still Life. Roger will show you how to work from tonal planes of the face and human form, seeing shapes as shapes rather than just documenting features.  By this method you will be able to get a likeness quickly, directly and with a painterly effect. Most sessions will have two models.  

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March 27th - 30th Chris Forsey

My painting courses at Dedham Hall are best suited to those who have some painting experience and are able to tackle painting in a variety and combination of water - based media and extend their knowledge and technique in painting landscape subjects.

March 30th - April 6th Kim Page

Watercolour and mixed Media

April 6th - 13th John Hoar

John Hoar, born 1947, is one of Britain's best known watercolourists through his instructional DVD's made by Town House Films.  In 2016 he represented Britain's artists at teh second Qingdao International Salon in China. At Dedham Hall he will be demonstrating both on location and in the Studio how to make free and simple watercolours and also the, (very popular), use of pen-and-ink and wash.

April 13th - 20th Ann Swan

Drawn to Botany

April 20th - 27th Liz Seward

See previous entry for course details.

April 27th - May 4th Steve Hall

Spring int Art - An opportunity to get your watercolour painting under way along the coast and in the countryside of East Anglia.

May 4th - 11th Wendy Jelbert and Paul Robinson

This is a combined course with Wendy Jelbert and husband Architect Paul Robinson. Wendy will explore watercolours, acrylics and mixed media, bringing constructive instruction and challenges for each media.  Paul will concentrate on buildings, using pen, line and wash. Both will help with your sketchbooks, and every aspect to enhance, improve and give the WOW factor to your future work. Weather permitting, we will visit local areas of beauty and interest, use the studio, and develop work at Dedham Hall, in the gardens and surrounding village. 

May 11th - 18th Lynda Appleby

The course is based on the gathering of resources through drawing, colour observation and photographs on site, followed by the building up of finishes paintings in the studio. Lynda'a teaching emphasizes the importance of a sound understanding of the use of tone, scale composition and colour to create exciting and dynamic work. This offers the best opportunity to portray the beautiful local environment of Dedham whatever the weather and in either watercolour or acrylics.

18th - 25th May Paul Banning

This course is designed for the more discerning and experienced painter who is striving to learn more about this most difficult medium. Weather permitting, he will take the group out painting plein air to the many interesting places in the area, as well as doing constructive teaching in the studio.

May 25th - June 1st Herman Pekel

Be brave and have fun with Watercolour.  In this workshop students will work with the tutor to articulate their own vision and particular challenges. The intention is to meet each individual exactly where they are and to support them in the production of work in the classroom that expands their practice in a personal way. The format will lean heavily in individual instruction and will also will include lecture and discussion and demonstrations of particular techniques. A step by step process will begin with a fast foundation painting and will end with final approach options that are easy to learn and thought provoking.  Unearth fresh and honest art inside yourself and learn to capture with paint. Herman will teach you to find originality in your own work. Learn to get started with new ideas in a way which is fun and fast. You will learn about coulor mixing, glazes, composition, drying time, thickness and edges to create ans impressionist painting you never thought with watercolour. We will be exploring landscapes, seascapes and streetscapes focusing on various techniques.  Expect to be challenged, to be brave and to have fun.  Students are encouraged to bring their own images (no other artists) to work from and previous work for Herman's appraisal.

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June 3rd - 8th Alvaro Castagnet


June 8th - 15th Winston Oh


June 15th - 22nd Soraya French

Flowers and Landscape in Mixed Media

June 22nd - 29th Roger Dellar

Painting Plein Aire and capturing the scene in under 2 1/2 hours and  producing a painterly impressionistic painting.  Advice will be given on how to select the scene, looking for composition and how to provide the essence of the subject.  Also advice will be given on equipment, colour mixing, paint application and the use of brush and palette knife, how to use a pochard box for quick colour sketches and how to travel with a minimum of equipment.  Painting will be outside in oils but bring photographic references in case of bad weather.

June 29th - July 6th Paul Banning

The course is designed for the more discerning and experienced painter who is striving to learn more about this most difficult medium.  Weather permitting, he will take the group out painting plein air to the many interesting places in the area, as well as doing constructive teaching in the studio.

July 6th - 13th David Embry

General Painting and Improvement of Drawing

July 13th - 20th Chris Forsey

see previous entry for course details

July 20th - 27th David Howell

Landscape and Marine Painting

July 30th - August 3rd Soraya French

Flowers and Landscape in Mixed Media

This course starts with lunch at 12.30 on the first day and ends after breakfast on the last day

August 5th - 9th Amanda Hyatt

Tonal impressionist watercolours

August 10th - 17th


August 17th - 24th Steve Hall

East Anglia - Coast and Country - Watercolour

August 24th - 31st Liz Seward

see previous entry for course details

August 31st - September 7th Ann Swan

Drawn to Botany

September7th - 14th Ian McManus

During the course, Ian will guide you through the entire process of producing better watercolour paintings. He will show you how to improve the initial drawing of your scene, demonstrate the importance of composition and design, perspective, and how to use colour and tone to give your paintings narrative, atmosphere and impact.  Students will be painting en plein air weather permitting, and also working in  the studio.  Subjects will range from local scenes to anything of interest using photographic references.  Working with Ian will provide you with the foundations you need to continue to improve your paintings at your own pace.

September 14th - 21st Andrew Pitt

This course is for anyone who has tried watercolour and has been disappointed with their painting.  Teaching will be by watching demonstrations, but you will also receive individual guidance according to your experience. The emphasis will be on painting fresh, lively watercolours in a simple straightforward way - tricks and shortcut gimmicks are not a feature of this course.  The aim is to capture the essence of the scene and preserve the elusive properties of watercolour which many of us find attractive.

September 21st - 28th Winston Oh


September 28th - October 5th John Hoar

see previous entry for course details

October 5th - 8th Anne Barnham

The aim of this course is to encourage confidence in watercolour through understanding the techniques that apply to this wonderful exciting medium.  We will work in the studio and also surrounding areas according to the weather and there will be demonstrations in the evenings.  The course will fairly intense with many lighthearted moments!

The course starts with lunch at 12.30 on Saturday and ends after breakfast on Tuesday

October 9th - 13th Anne McCormack

A chance to explore the quality and excitement that can be achieved through water based medium. We will be experimenting with a variety of painting techniques, combined with dynamic composition.  Subjects in still life and interior scenes will be used to study this theme.  This studio based course is suitable for all levels of painting skills.

The course starts with lunch at 12.30 on Wednesday and ends after breakfast on Sunday

October 15th - 18th Jane Evans

 Chinese Brush Painting

October 19th - 26th Roger Dellar

 Studio works in Oil working from photos and developing up pictures from smaller studies with a possibility of working from Still Life or Portrait.  Covering all oil techniques.

October 26th - 30th Steve Hall

East Anglia Landscapes in Acrylic

October 31st - November 7th Carole Massey

Portraiture - Carole is a popular and experienced tutor who will help to demystify the process of portrait painting.  We start with a "warm up" day to improve observation and drawing skills, studying proportions, structure, the features, getting a likeness and skin tones.  On subsequent days we work from models, starting with several short poses before going on to paint or draw a longer pose in watercolour, pastel or acrylics- your choice.  At the end of each day there will be an appraisal to evaluate the day's work. The course is aimed at all abilities.